It’s here! Just in time to facemelt Santa, Primer 0.8 and Tekton are here to illuminate your Christmas. If you’re too impatient to read the changes, you can go straight to the Primer homepage and try out all the new goodies, but I’m going to ramble on a bit about the update anyway.

New Accelermeter Code

This is what took me so long. I’ve finally gotten accel (particularly speed) to a point where I’m happy with it. I need more testing and opinions from you out there, but this was the biggest part of the update and it has paved the way for an easy transition to supporting the v1 and v2s in the same firmware.

New Animation Primatives

So the 62 new patterns came from experiments and refinements to my pattern theory post. I personally find something to love in all of them, but some may be more interesting than others to you. There’s 62 to chose from, so I’m sure there’s something in there you’ll love.

16 New Colors

I’ve added 16 new color slots due to the memory savings I’ve gained with the improved code. Code gets simpler and the software gets new features. That’s generally the way with software.

Removed BPM Auto Switching

I removed BPM auto switching for now. I need to complete the feature before it’s released. As is, I’m not happy with it and want to start over.

Added Failsafes

Conjuring lights go to sleep (and turn off conjuring mode/reset) after 60 seconds in the off position. When master resetting, if you hold for more than 3s after it flashes red the light will just turn off on release. When master resetting, the light will glow red. Hold for 3s to reset the light, otherwise press and release to turn the light off.

Unified Accel Mode and Sensitivity Selection

Accel mode and sensitivity are now selected like colors with the hold-to-cycle for sensitivity.

Tekton Work flow Improvements

Tekton now has a disconnect and upload button for the light. Saving settings and writing them to new lights is now a two button ordeal rather than one requiring a number of steps.

Other Minor Stuff

There’s a ton of bug fixes and cleanup in the code. Hopefully this makes it easier for other developers to see what’s happening under the hood.

Well, that’s most of it in a short wrapup. Have an awesome Holiday and enjoy the best Primer release yet!